Group show of the project curated by María Ilia Katsaridou

Cosmonauts of Inner Space

The group exhibition 'Cosmonauts of Inner Space' in Brussels, curated by María Ilia Katsaridou, has been set up at Visser Gallery from the 14th until the 24th of June 2018. In it, I present my philosophical-artistic project 'As human as knowledge' 2018 with the works: 'The simultaneity of phases' (2018) and 'On retention' (2018).

As an explorer of the world within, I address the philosophical issue of the internal time of consciousness through painting. The internal time of consciousness is one of the deepest analysis in Philosophy. It concerns the way in which our elapsing experience is logically traced by intentionality. This way, I present 2 specific questions in my works; on the one hand, the question about the kind of simultaneity that makes possible that many acts of consciousness work together (The simultaneity of phases, 2018), and, on the other hand, I remark how complex and peculiar the phase of retention is in order to be able to help in grasping an identity whatever (On retention, 2018).
In this picture, I am at the side of the work 'The simultaneity of phases'. In it, I hold the hypothesis that the double intentionality of retention concerns a proper retentional intentionality and a reproductive one, and I figure out the necessary functions that might belong to protention.
In this picture, I am explaining the question mark written on this artwork, 'On retention' (2018). This artwork is about how mysterious and complex retention can be in order to help in grasping an identity.

This way, the artworks I present in Cosmonauts of Inner Space display different levels of understanding: (1) It is the direct presentation of my new philosophical-scientific insights, emphasizing the artistic character that the task of producing knowledge has, (2) it illustrates the lived experience of the pertaining phenomenological reflection that made possible those insights, and (3) it relates the female figure to science in a broad sense, as a way to restore the female archetype.

My great assistant-supporter during the production process, Marjan Verhaegen.
At the right, María Ilia Katsaridou, the curator of the exhibition in Brussels.
Here the artist Harlinde De Mol explaining her work.
Here the artist Mikael Groc explaining his work. 
Here the artist Chantal Pollier explaining her work.
At the right, the artist Luna Haertjens with her friends.

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